Illuminate Your Hands With Aura Nails

The spiritual nail craze that’s captivating the internet.


Aura nails, which have also been called blush nails or eyeshadow nails, have been trending recently on social media as a fun and easy way to infuse lots of colours into your manis. This modern take on the classic ombre nail features a diffused bursts of colour from the centre of the nail instead of on the tip, recreating the colourful electromagnetic field that is an aura.



The technique can be applied to shorter, natural nails all the way up to long acrylic or gel extensions, so everyone can get involved with this nail craze. Many popular nail artists and manicurists are becoming more experimental with their nail art this spring season and reflecting their moods and personalities through their bold colour choices and designs.



Due to the development of more advanced airbrushing tools, the aura nails design can be created and perfected with ease in the nail salon. Ask your nail tech for a pastel base colour, and top it off with a contrasting diffused shade in the centre of the nails. 



Or if you are looking for something more edgy, opt for a black base shade with a green or even dark red aura on top. You could even top it off with some chrome nail art on top to really make it shine.



However, the aura nail look can be recreated at home with a few different techniques. If you don’t have the extra cash to pop to the nail salon but have an old makeup sponge laying around, then you can get in on this too! Try painting your base colour, and then putting a dab of polish in the centre. You can then blend this out with the makeup sponge and clean up any excess with acetone.



Another method to create the aura nails, hence the technique’s other names, is by using a powdered eyeshadow or blush to imitate the airbrushed effect without the machinery. These products melt seamlessly into the nail with the heat of your fingertip and can be sealed into the nail art by a thick topcoat. Nobody will even know that you have makeup on your nails!



Whichever is your preferred method, join in on this mystic nail trend and show off your true colours!