Twisted Sin: A Unique Olfactory Journey
Twisted Sin: A Unique Olfactory Journey

Twisted Sin: A Unique Olfactory Journey

EMIL ÉLISE's captivating fragrance.


In the realm of fragrances, Twisted Sin transcends the ordinary; it's an aromatic masterpiece that weaves together sweet and bitter notes, creating a cocoon of warmth that resonates with the soul. This perfume isn't just a scent; it's an extraordinary blend that transforms moments into memories.

The heart of Twisted Sin lies in its exquisite combination of amber and cinnamon, a pairing that introduces an element of mystery and a hint of sensuality. The result is a fragrance that tantalizes the senses, creating an intriguing tension that lingers on the skin. Fresh apples, with their invigorating essence, add a burst of freshness and energy, turning any environment into a vibrant and captivating space.

Twisted Sin isn't just a fragrance; it's designed to be the perfect companion for life's small yet significant moments. Whether it's a casual day out or a special evening, this perfume has the ability to enhance the essence of every experience, making it truly special and memorable.

With an impressive 18% fragrance oil concentration, Twisted Sin ensures a long-lasting and impactful scent that stays with you throughout the day. Priced at €145, this unisex fragrance is a testament to the fact that luxury doesn't have to be compromised.

For those eager to experience the allure of Twisted Sin, the fragrance is available for purchase through the EMIL ÉLISE online store at