The 10 Best Haute Couture Shows Of All Time

Exaggerated fashion is always a good idea.


It's our favorite time of the year- couture fashion week, seven days of chaos, creativity, and sheer genius. With brands like Schiaparelli, Valentino, and Chanel participating, expect to see artwork on the runway. It's only fitting to share our top ten best haute couture fashion shows. So sit back, relax, and release your inner Anna Wintour while you enjoy a trip down memory lane. 

1. Yves Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 1993 Haute Couture 

Yves Saint Laurent's Fall/Winter 1993 haute couture collection epitomized elegance with luxurious fabrics, avant-garde silhouettes, and rich floral tones. Structured shoulders and cinched waists showcased a powerful yet feminine aesthetic.

2. Atelier Versace Fall/Winter 1995 Haute Couture

Atelier Versace's Fall/Winter 1995 haute couture collection showcased the brand's iconic blend of glamour and innovation. Bold colors, intricate embellishments, and daring silhouettes dominated the runway. With high-quality fabrics and impeccable tailoring, Versace reaffirmed its status as a leader in haute fashion.

3. Thierry Mugler Fall/Winter 1997 Haute Couture  

Thierry Mugler's Fall/Winter 1997 Haute Couture collection displayed futuristic designs. With sharp tailoring, exaggerated shoulders, and fabrics adorned with metallic accents, the collection exuded confidence and strength. 

4. Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 2002 Haute Couture.

Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring/Summer 2002 haute couture collection celebrated cultural diversity and artistic expression with bold colors, unconventional silhouettes, and playful combinations of textures and patterns. Each piece emphasized Gaultier's trademark wit, from intricately embroidered corsets to deconstructed tailoring.

5. Dior Fall/Winter 2007 Haute Couture 

Dior's Fall/Winter 2007 Haute Couture, by John Galliano, could give Bridgerton a run for its money with the luxurious fabrics, intricate details, mix of structured tailoring, and flowing silhouettes that dominated the runway. Rich jewel tones and metallic accents added glamour, while unexpected touches like feather embellishments added a playfulness aspect to the collection.

6. Maison Margiela Fall/Winter 2012 Haute Couture                  

Maison Margiela's Fall/Winter 2012 Haute Couture collection, led by John Galliano, pushed boundaries with avant-garde designs. Deconstructed tailoring and fabric manipulations created intrigue, while bold silhouettes and unconventional materials showcased Galliano's theatricality. The collection challenged haute couture norms, inviting exploration of new expressions.

7. Armani Privé Fall/Winter 2014 Haute Couture 

Armani Privé's Fall/Winter 2014 Haute Couture collection exuded timeless elegance with a modern twist. Giorgio Armani's extensive knowledge of luxurious fabrics and impeccable tailoring was evident in the sophisticated silhouettes. Soft hues, subtle embellishments, and fluid draping added understated glamour. The minimalist yet impactful aesthetic captivated the audience.

8. Fendi Fall/Winter 2016 Haute Couture      

Under Karl Lagerfeld's direction, Fendi's Fall/Winter 2016 Haute Couture collection was bold yet refined; the runway showcased complex craftsmanship and avant-garde silhouettes. Rich textures,  fur accents, and a sophisticated color palette captured the essence of modern luxury.

9. Viktor & Rolf Fall/Winter 2017 Haute Couture 

Viktor & Rolf's Fall/Winter 2017 Haute Couture collection was a daring exploration of fashion as art. With avant-garde designs featuring exaggerated proportions and precise detailing, the runway blurred the lines between clothing and sculpture. Playful motifs and embellishments added a touch of irreverence, creating a captivating display that pushed the boundaries of haute couture creativity.