The Top 5 Beauty Tips To Beat Summer Heat

Have a hot girl summer while staying cool.


Summer beauty has its pros and cons. We can sport a cute sundress, let go of our heavy, full coverage makeup, and pull out our florals that have been waiting all year for their moment in the sun (so to speak.) But, while we no longer require bulky layers and wintry tones, we’re still at the mercy of rough weather. The three musketeers of summer beauty challenges? Frizzy hair, sweat, and sunburn. Luckily, there are remedies for even the most relentless summer days. Here are our top 5 beauty tips to beat the heat:

Sunscreen Your Scalp

We all know it’s important to protect our skin when we’re spending time in the sun. But, most of us overlook the tops of our heads (no pun intended.) As a result, lots of us are regularly burning our scalps without even realizing it. And, your scalp health affects your hair health, which makes it extra important to keep the top of your head in tip top shape. But, no one wants greasy, dirty hair from spraying our heads with our regular SPF. Luckily, there are scalp sunscreens that will protect you from UV rays and keep your hair looking amazing.

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Many of us struggle with frizz in the summer humidity, and that is not a good look. Defrizzing products are a great addition to your summer hair routine, and you can toss a defrizzing product in your bag for touch-ups when you’ll be spending a long day sweating.
Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment is a lifesaver to work into your wet or dry hair. Shop it here for $4.99.
And, we love Got2b Defiant Pomade for taming frizzy flyaways once you’re done styling. Shop it here for $7.59

Put Your Hair Up

Effortless summer ‘21 updos are all about scrunchies and claw clamps. They’re two easy ways to throw your hair up when things get hot and sweaty.

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And, shop oversized satin scrunchies in any color you can imagine here for $12.99.


No Sweat

For many of us, one of the worst parts of summer comes down to two words: boob sweat. But, putting deodorant anywhere near your boobs is a definite no-no (not that we haven’t tried it…) Thankfully, science has given us sweat remedies for anywhere and everywhere.

Shop this life-changing anti-boob-sweat lotion here for $27.47.

Shop a powder for sweat everywhere else here for $20. 

And, shop our fave breathable shorts for sweaty upper thighs (and to prevent any unwanted flashing in cute sundresses) here on sale for $8. 


Ice Roll

Want to cool down and contour your face? Ice rollers are the newest beauty tool in the face-rolling gadget family. Keep your ice roller in the freezer, and pull it out when your skin is in need of a refresh. It even helps to soothe blemishes and keep inflammation under control! Pro tip: you can also stick your jade or quartz roller in the fridge for similar effects.

Shop it here for $18.

Now that you have all the tools you need to stay cool, throw on your favorite sunnies, pop a tiny umbrella in your drink, and enjoy the summer fun.


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