The Met Gala May Be Kardashian-Free This Year

Here’s How We’ve Been Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


Last year’s Met Gala was the first time that all of the Jenner-Kardashians were in attendance together, but now rumor has it that the opposite will happen this year with none of them slated to make an appearance.

Kim Kardashian has been attending the Met Gala for the past decade, making her debut in 2013 with her then-husband Kanye West. She has seemingly been a personal favorite of Anna Wintour’s ever since. Wintour even went so far as to take her first ever, on-record selfie, with Kim Kardashian herself. However, that first Met Gala was not a walk in the park for Kimmy K, who claimed that she was so self-conscious about not knowing anyone there that she went home crying. Her subsequent Met visits went smoother, with her best looks hitting the fashion history books and more of her family members joining her. 

However, sources have apparently told Page Six that Anna Wintour is cracking down on the Met Gala’s guest list, and no Kardashians or Jenners have made the cut. Scoring a highly-coveted invite to the gala seemed to be a given for the famous family, but now it would appear that as far as the event is concerned, they’ve had their time in the sun. 

Vogue has yet to comment on the guest list, so we’ll likely not know for sure until the event takes place. Picking apart the red carpet looks at the Met Gala has been the internet’s favorite sport in recent years, with Kim and her family’s wild fashion panache at the ball– whether criticized or praised– being the center of attention, but this yearly occurrence may come to a halt with the Kardashian-Jenners skipping out on the red carpet.


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