The Kele-le EP Project Proves That The Power Of Art Knows No Bounds

The collaborative project seeks to fight Nigeria's HIV/AIDS crisis through the celebration of women in music.


In the age of collaboration, musicians are realizing their collective power to inspire change and move the culture. For many, music is no longer just an outlet for personal expression, but rather a vehicle for good. Enter, the Kele-le project. 

Released today, Kele-le is an EP created by the artists Lady Donli, Bella Adubo, Tomi Owo, Mz Kiss, and Oshun, five Nigerian musicians each already in the singular process of changing the global stage. Exploring genres from afrobeats to rock, the fivesome have come together to create the project’s four songs while also setting their sights on higher initiatives, namely the current HIV/AIDS crisis in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, it is believed that over twice as many women are living with HIV than men. This crisis has been ongoing in the country, prompting a necessary increase in awareness on a global scale, as well as modifications to the treatments offered within the country's borders. Kele-le not only seeks to fulfill this awareness through the influence of art, but raise funds for domestic women's health clinics and provide necessary resources to the affected populations.

The project's name is drawn from the Nigerian pidgin word 'kele,' meaning girlfriend, and 'kelele,' a Swahili term for an unignorable sound. Together, they signify the overall initiative of the project: to expand the conversation on women's rights and celebrate the collectivistic power of afro-centered music, all led by women, for women. 

Red Hot Org, the organization behind the collaboration, was first launched in 1989 to combat the AIDS crisis in New York, and since then, they have grown into a worldwide not-for-profit that seeks to fight AIDS through the use of pop culture. Recent projects have included the single “Mon Cheri” by pop duo Sofi Tukker and Mali group Amadou & Mariam, as well as collaboration album TRAИƧA.

Having the opportunity to support a good cause while also enjoying some great new music? Count us in. Kele-le is out now.

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