Doja and Dolly Are Heading To Broadway! Well, Kind Of

The two music stars are starring in a peculiar musical for Taco Bell.


Country music icon, Dolly Parton, is teaming up with comedic musical artist, Doja Cat, to star in a musical for Taco Bell. While some may think, “Why would Broadway want to produce a musical about Taco Bell?”, it turns out, that TikTok is producing this show. 


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In January, the social media platform struck a deal with the fast-food chain, among other establishments, to stream their “TikTok channel” on TVs in their restaurants. We can assume that this bizarre business deal led to the birth of Mexican Pizza: The Musical. As a result, the previously discontinued menu item returns later this month. The musical will premiere the week after the customer-favorite product returns to celebrate the momentous occasion. 



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On March 8th, Doja Cat posted on her TikTok account and confused fans with a rap for the fast-food establishment. She claimed it was “contractual” and threw out silly lyrics about the discontinued Mexican Pizza. At the time, the artist could have been dropping a hint for fans about the musical. While Dolly Parton hasn’t said much regarding the surprising yet enticing virtual theater performance, she recently posted on her Instagram to announce her excitement. In addition to Parton and Doja Cat, Victor Kunda, a popular TikTok personality known for parodying Doja’s video featuring her humorous rap, will be featured in the musical as well. Although Dolly and Doja have the stage presence and talent to pull the musical off on their own, alongside Kunda, there will be some surprise musical guests.

Tune in on May 26th to watch Mexican Pizza: The Musical at 5 p.m PST!

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