Supreme And Rolex Collab Again

Would It Be Really Corny If I Said That Rolex Makes Supreme Watches?


The streetwear brand and the timepiece brand are rumored to have collabed again, this time with their Supreme x Rolex Oyster Perpetual date collaboration. As part of their fall/winter campaign, Rolex and Supreme are releasing another series of high-end watches, serving as a follow up to the Friends & Family Rolex Submariner that the duo previously released in 2013. The 40mm Submariner is still going strong, with prices as high as $100,000 USD. The original watch came with the simple look of a black bezel and dial. (What’s not to like?)

A mockup of the brand’s upcoming release features the large watch, bearing the now iconic red-and-white “Supreme” logo that the brand stamps on all of its sweatshirts. 


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Supreme and Rolex may not have been thought of as an expected duo for a collab but the streetwear brand and the timepiece brand have worked together in the past to great success. Many will wait with bated breath to see the final product. 


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