Suit Makeover: The New Face Of Professional

Reinventing dressing for success.


As we look forward to fall 2024, the fashion landscape continues to evolve with designers taking bold new approaches to the concept of dressing for success. This season, the traditional suit has been reimagined in various innovative ways, showcasing the diverse interpretations of what it means to dress for the occasion.

Schiaparelli's Western Twist

At Schiaparelli, Texan designer Daniel Roseberry has introduced a captivating blend of Western-inspired tailoring to the mix. His designs feature high-waisted, low-crotch pants that are perfectly paired with cowboy boots. Instead of conventional ties, braids of hair accentuate the look, offering a unique sartorial statement. Roseberry's philosophy is one of simplicity and confidence, aiming for a more bare and raw aesthetic in business attire.



Gucci's Playful Silhouettes

Sabato De Sarno, in his sophomore show for Gucci, presented a younger, more playful take on suiting. His designs include sharp blazers matched with HotPants, creating a bold statement that challenges traditional winter attire. This playful approach to suiting captures a youthful spirit, making a statement that resonates with the modern trendsetter.



LaQuan Smith's Sexy Corporate Wear

LaQuan Smith has also made waves with his interpretation of corporate wear, infusing it with a distinctly sexy flair. Standout pieces include a navy pin-striped dress with a plunging neckline and a blazer and miniskirt set paired with an undone dress shirt. Smith's designs continue to evolve, appealing to a more mature audience while retaining his signature sexy vibe.



As designers explore the different facets of dressing for success, the fall 2024 season is shaping to showcase sartorial diversity. From the raw and simple to the playful and sexy, the new interpretations of the suit are a testament to the ever-changing landscape of fashion.

What do you think about trying something new with our looks? Could be fun to shake things up a bit!