GOSSIP FOLKS: Slimane's Céline Takeover Could Mean Street Wear

Whispers on the street.


Virgil Abloh, Street Wear Couturist and all round King, has been quoted as saying: "Céline is everything."

Critics even hinted he may be looking to jump ship and be Céline's new designer. While we all knew Phoebe Philo was looking to leave her post a the Parisian minimalist house, what we didn't know was that Céline was finally ready to drop a street wear edition. THIS IS HUGE....BUT Céline may or may not do so with Hedi Slimane! 

Slimane is huge, he's who you bring in when you want to shake up your label and go another direction. He dropped the 'Yves' from 'Yves Saint Laurent' and turned it into 'Saint Laurent Paris', despite the stir from the die hard fashionistas, he frankly didn't give a shit... and it seems nor did the French Powerhouse. It's been two years since Slimane left his SL post and they still adopt his hard rock clothing concept. 

So what's he gonna shake up in Céline? He's already launching a menswear collection, and with his 'I don't give a shit attitude' street wear is on the cards. But rumours are also circling that Slimane is going to drive the refined Parisian Céline and do a drop every week or so.. something that's worked for Supreme. 

And even if there is no street wear, who says women can't wear men's clothing? Am I right ladies?


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