Shanghai FW: Daring Trends That Will Transform Your Style!

Set to dominate your wardrobe.


Shanghai Fashion Week's Fall 2024 iteration emerged as a beacon of style and innovation against the backdrop of China's challenging economic landscape. Captured through the discerning eye of photographer Su Shan Leong, the event unfolded as a vibrant testament to the resilience and creativity of fashion aficionados.

 Attendees, ranging from the fashion elite to style enthusiasts, navigated the fine line between understated elegance and daring personal expression, setting the tone for a season defined by diversity and luxury.



The streets of Shanghai transformed into a live canvas, illustrating a broad spectrum of fashion sensibilities. The trend of quiet luxury prevailed with attendees embracing statement trenches and wool coats in rich, monotone shades. This subtle yet impactful approach to fashion underscored a preference for timeless pieces that convey sophistication without ostentation.



The runway itself was a reflection of Shanghai Fashion Week’s inclusive spirit, featuring a mix of established designers and emerging talents. Among the notable showcases was Louis Shengtao Chen's collection, which captivated audiences with its unique blend of traditional motifs and innovative design, solidifying his status as a frontrunner in the evolution of Chinese fashion.



Beyond the runway, Shanghai Fashion Week served as a cross-cultural platform, drawing in brands and exhibitors from across the Asia-Pacific region. The Labelhood showcase, known for spotlighting emerging talent, presented fall collections from an exciting mix of 16 brands, offering a fresh perspective on the future of fashion.



As Shanghai Fashion Week continues to cement its place on the global fashion stage, the city becomes a cultural activity hub. With the opening of Supreme’s inaugural store in China and Loewe's landmark exhibition, Shanghai offered an enriching experience for those in town for the fashion festivities, blending the worlds of art, fashion, and culture.

After all, which Shanghai Fashion Week style caught your eye for our next adventure in the city?