7 Not-So-Common Fetishes

Wondering if any of these unconventional fantasies will get your motor running?


We all have those deep dark secrets and desires that we don’t share with just anyone. Strange little things that turn us on but that others might find strange. A fetish, by definition, is a form of sexual arousal or desire where satisfaction is linked (to an abnormal degree) to a particular item or act. 

According to a recent study, the most common fetishes across the US include group sex, BDSM, sports gear, and oddly enough, armpits! The fact is not everyone knows why they get turned on by these somewhat untraditional items, they just do. While foot fetishes and threesomes are common, there are a few not-so-common fetishes that drive plenty of people crazy. Curious to learn more? Wondering if any of these unconventional fantasies will get your motor running? Grab your sense of adventure and let’s get into it.


Countless couples videotape or film themselves having sex so they can go back and watch it later-on. The only thing better than watching your hot sex session on replay is watching it in real-time. Katoptronophilia is the act of getting sexually aroused by watching yourself have sex in a mirror. Mirrors on the ceilings, walls, or headboard all let you view yourself and your partner in action! People get off on seeing their bodies bend, move, and contort in different ways. You can also see your body (and your partners’) from every angle. 


Most fetishes involve a strange or unusual item and another person -- but not scetrophilia. This fetish translates as “ghost sex” or “sex with ghosts”, but is better defined as an attraction that some humans have to ghosts or spirits. Another definition for scetrophilia relates to being aroused by images or objects you see in a mirror, but here we’re more focused on the idea of sex between a human and a non-living entity. 

So, is it possible to have intercourse with a ghost and climax from it? Probably not. However, who’s to say that there’s anything wrong with being sexually aroused or attracted to the idea of ghosts? There’s something mysterious and dangerous about the paranormal and many people are firm believers in the afterlife. With that being said, some people swear they’ve gone to sleep and awoke with vivid memories of a sexual encounter that was out of this world -- literally. Either way, while sex with a ghost may not be physically possible, the attraction is very real and it’s known as scetrophilia. 


There’s something intoxicating about the scent of a woman – or man. But people with trichophilia are actually aroused by the touch, smell, and act of playing with someone’s hair. Our senses are some of the most powerful windows into our deepest sexual desires. Many people are turned on by the smell of their partner. In fact, its one of the oldest, most animalistic traits when it comes to finding and mating in the wild. 

But trichophilia goes beyond just the smell of someone’s hair and focuses on the obsession with touching, playing with, and even combing another person’s hair to the point of arousal. In some cases, the mere sight of long, gorgeous locks is enough to get someone’s motor running. And let’s not forget that although head hair is the most common type of hair linked with this fetishism, some people find other body hair equally as attractive including chest, armpit, and leg hair.


Some people hate being tickled. Others consider it a playful form of foreplay. And then there’s those who are sexually aroused by tickling. If the latter describes you, you may have the fetishism known as knismolagnia. 

The name of this fetish derives from the word “knismesis”, which describes a light, tickling sensation. While some people need to be tickled in order to reach sexual arousal, others are turned on by simply watching someone else get tickled! Believe it or not, there’s a level of trust present when you let someone tickle you. If you get overly excited or are laughing uncontrollably, you may find it difficult to breathe, which is why a safe word is recommended during this type of sexual play. 

Knismolagnia often morphs into, or involves, other popular fetishes including bondage and foot fetishes (more on this in a minute). Many people enjoy being tied up or restrained while the other person tickles them. Even socks are considered a form of restraint when it comes tickling one’s feet. Adding a blindfold heightens touch receptors for a truly electrifying and surprising experience!


Podophilia is the fancy way of describing a foot fetish. Has a partner ever sensually sucked your toes into their mouth or begged to give you a foot massage? (Yes, please!) If so, it sounds like they have a common fetish known as podophilia, which describes those who are aroused by tickling, kissing, nibbling, sucking, and pretty much worshipping another person’s feet. Some people are also sexually attracted to footwear -- heels, sandals, and boots, oh my! 

Podophilia is actually the most popular of all the fetishes. It tends to be men who find female feet attractive. Different people are attracted to different features of the human foot including the size, shape, embellishments (like tattoos or polish), decorations (toe rings, shoes, or other jewellery), the smell, and contact (massaging, licking, touching, and kissing). So the next time your significant other offers to give you a foot massage or asks you to leave your shoes on during sex, just know, you may have a case of podophilia on your hands (or should we say feet?).


Have you ever brought food into the bedroom? Whipped cream, chocolate syrup, strawberries, and grapes are popular choices. Feeding your partner a few pieces of fruit or covering their nipples in whipped cream is one thing -- sloshing, on the other hand, takes food play during sex to the next level. The main idea behind this fetish is getting off on covering your partner (or yourself) in a variety of different foods. You can experiment with texture, temperature, and taste. 

For many people, applying the food to a naked body is half the fun. The second source of sexual pleasure is licking and eating it off. A mix of the sensation of applying the food, plus the varying temperatures and textures is what makes this experience so enjoyable for both partners. One thing that makes sploshing a little different from other fetishes is that you don’t need another person to enjoy it. Many people are aroused by the mere act of rubbing foods of different textures and temperatures on themselves -- some to the point of climax.


Sex in the shower is a favourite bathroom pastime of many people. It’s hot, wet, and just plain sexy. One bathroom activity that most people don’t normally associate with sex or feeling sexy is urinating. That is, unless, you enjoy urophilia or are sexually aroused by urine. If you’ve ever heard the term “golden showers”, it’s referring to this not-so-common fetish.

There are different types of urophilia. Some involve peeing on your partner, while other people enjoy being peed on. Some people even like to fill cups of urine and pour them on themselves. And yes, some people even go as far as to ingest their partner’s urine, whether have them pee directly into their mouths or fill a cup and drink it. It’s the smell, taste, and warm feeling of urine that gets certain people off. If you’re a bit squeamish about these activities but want to indulge your partner, try combining shower sex and urophilia for easy clean-up!

There are different strokes (literally) for different folks when it comes to what turns them on. Some people get-off on more basic fetishes like bondage or lingerie, whereas others enjoy kinkier, more taboo fetishism. When exploring your own sexual preferences and those of your partners, remember to keep an open mind and don’t knock it till you try it!

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