7 Things You Should Know About Period Sex

Ready for some bloody pleasure?


The time of the month has come, and while you might not feel your sexiest with Oreo crumbles all over your bed and an empty container of Ben & Jerry’s to your left, you might still feel a little tingling sensation in your nipples and your private parts. Being horny while you’re on your period is normal. The reason being very low estrogen and testosterone levels by the beginning of your cycle (the first day of your period), that then skyrocket by the third day. Still, period sex still remains a taboo topic for most women— and men. But why is that?

Some simply might not enjoy it, and that’s totally fine. On the other hand, some might just give in to prejudges and the fear of a bloodbath. If you’re curious about some bloody pleasure, here are 7 things you should know about sex during your period:

#No shame in the game

Girl, listen. We know it might feel strange at first, we’ve all been there, but craving pleasure during your period is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s not gross, it’s perfectly normal. You’re a healthy woman with a healthy functioning body. Feel good about yourself, maybe start off by masturbating and see how it makes you feel. Don’t be afraid of letting your partner in on your deepest desires, they’re your significant other for a reason.


#There is no actual mess

We’re pretty sure all of us pictured period sex as The Shining’s elevator scene at some pint in our lives. Contrary to what many might think, period sex isn’t actually that messy. Some blood flow might be heavier than others, but generally, the amount of blood leaving your body during your period Yes, your partner’s penis will be covered in a small amount of blood and yes, you might stain your sheets a little but it’s nothing a towel or a quick shower can’t fix.


#Oral sex is OK

Oral sex is the peak of intimacy, letting someone go down on you and be face to face with your genitals is a huge step— even bigger when it’s that time of the month again. Receiving oral sex during your period is perfectly fine if your partner’s up for it. Don’t feel any form of shame for carving some oral good good. Plus, you’ve got the option of wearing a tampon and give your clitoris the moment she deserves. The most important thing is openly communicating your needs to your partner and respect each other’s boundaries.


#Actually, period sex has some health benefits

In times where everybody is so desperately trying to stay healthy, this fact is spot on. According to doctors, sex during menstruation can shorten your periods due to uterine contractions during orgasm, cause lighter and less painful periods, reduce stress, improve sleep and strengthen your immune system.


#It can get painful, but you can control it

Cramps go hand in hand with our periods, that’s just how it is. While period sex is usually painless, cramps might happen occasionally. The pleasure overweights tho, don’t worry! Some positions might get uncomfortable sooner or later, depending on how sensitive your lower back gets, but again: it’s all about communication. Don’t shy away from letting your partner know when it feels rougher than you’d like it to. Communicate your needs and enjoy the pleasure you deserve.

#Tbh, it’s just some extra lube

Ok ok, hear us out on this one. It might sound ridiculous, but think about it for a sec: your blood flow keeps it nice and moist down there. Save some coins and just try it. We guarantee you there will be no need for some extra lubrication.


#Don’t forget to use protection

Contrary to what many believe, you actually can get pregnant when you have sex during your period. Sperms can live three to five days in our uterus under perfect conditions. Now, depending on the length of your cycle, the possibility of getting pregnant is higher than you think. The shorter the cycle, the higher the risk of pregnancy, as some periods can last up to a week and overlap with ovulation. Also, your period doesn’t protect you from any form of STDs. So, make sure not to forget about that condom!

Whether you’re seeking pleasure while menstruating or not, the only thing you really need to take away from this is to live your best life and rock it even if you’re leaking, girl. Wanna bang? Do it. Don’t wanna bang? No problemo. Listen to your body and don’t feel ashamed for it.


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