Serena's Victory Off-Court: The Launch Of Wyn Beauty

From tennis legend to beauty pioneer.


Serena Williams, the tennis legend, has unveiled her long-anticipated venture into the beauty industry with the launch of Wyn Beauty. It's an event that marks not just a new chapter in her post-tennis career but a significant moment for inclusivity in beauty. This project took six years to materialize and is rolling out in 680 Ulta stores, featuring 10 debut products that promise something for everyone.



Williams’ vision for Wyn Beauty is deeply personal, drawing inspiration from her illustrious career on the court and her journey as a Black woman, athlete, and mother. The brand's signature Wyn Chartreuse color pays homage to tennis balls, symbolizing championships, and the spirit of winning that Serena embodies.



Wyn Beauty represents Serena’s dedication to creating high-performance, vegan, and cruelty-free products that cater to an active lifestyle. From a hydrating lip serum to a gel-cream SPF 30 skin tint available in 36 shades, the range is designed for longevity and versatility, reflecting Williams’ needs and experiences with makeup.



Wyn is committed to inclusivity, starting its shade range with the darkest skin tones. This thoughtful approach aims to ensure everyone finds their match, addressing a gap Serena herself experienced in her makeup journey. Additionally, Wyn joins Ulta’s Conscious Beauty assortment, aligning with Serena’s emphasis on clean and sustainable beauty practices.

Wyn Beauty is poised not just to make its mark in the beauty industry but to fulfill a broader mission of inclusivity, resilience, and excellence, much like its founder.



So, what do you think about Serena’s new venture? Would you try out Wyn Beauty products?