The Timeless Connection Between Sports And Fashion

An era-by-era look at sport's influence on fashion.


From early 20th-century tennis whites to Michael Jordan's game-changing Air Jordans, the enduring alliance of sport and fashion has molded our style. Athletics seamlessly merged into our closets, imprinting a lasting influence on trends. The fusion of sports and fashion hasn't just mirrored cultural shifts; it has propelled them, elevating athletes to style icons and athletic brands to fashion giants. This intrinsic link transcends utility, birthing enduring trends synonymous with our identity. As we navigate the historical tapestry of sports and fashion, the 2024 Paris Olympics emerge as the next chapter in this captivating narrative.

We have seen the revolutionary takeover of activewear as the norm streetwear in not just LA, but now on a global scale.

The comfort, variety and ease of the outfit cannot be disputed. Designers have capitalized on this gap in the market however for a more luxurious form of sportswear, as we have seen in the collaborations between Adidas and Gucci, Burberry and Supreme, as well as Fenty and Puma. The latter, whose partnership began in 2015 with the launch of sneakers, known as the ‘Creeper’ style, has continued a groundbreaking fusion of high fashion and athletic aesthetics. Rihanna's bold and innovative design sensibilities brought a fresh and inclusive perspective to Puma's sportswear line, resulting in collections that seamlessly blended streetwear chic with performance functionality.


Yet, athletes themselves wield a profound influence on fashion, transcending their on-field prowess to become style icons with a global impact. Michael Jordan's Air Jordans revolutionized the sneaker culture, evolving into a fashion staple that extends far beyond the basketball court. Tennis sensation Serena Williams, with her dynamic and boundary-pushing fashion choices on the red carpets, have redefined elegance on and off the court. Soccer icon David Beckham seamlessly transitioned from the field to fashion runways, becoming a symbol of sartorial sophistication.

These athletes, among others, have not only redefined sports fashion but have also shaped broader trends, showcasing how their individual styles resonate far beyond the arenas they dominate.

The end of July this year will see the return of arguably the biggest event on the sporting calendar, the Olympics. Paris, a fashion hub in its own right, will no doubt act as a breeding ground for fashion influence, where sports and style seamlessly intersect. Notably, the selection of SKIMS, founded by Kim Kardashian, as the official underwear sponsor for the US Olympic team underscores the increasing role of fashion in the realm of athletic competition.
In the relentless evolution of sports and fashion, from iconic collaboration to athlete-inspired trends, the stage (and track) is set for the 2024 Olympics to usher in the next era of this captivating narrative. As the worlds of athleticism and style converge, the global impact of sports on fashion continues to redefine our collective identity.