Serena Williams And Nike Continue Collab With A Purple Sneaker

The greatest tennis player in the world flexes her design skills.


Serena Williams, the Queen of Tennis, has teamed up with Nike again. The sports star draws on her reimagined Air Force 1 LXX design from last summer, now updated with a new color and detailing. This design extends the “Serena Williams Design Crew,” a partnership between Williams and Nike that taps emerging and underrepresented designers for Williams-approved styles. 

In 2021, Williams developed a new vision for the Air Force 1 LXX, a lace-less shoe in “Summit White.” With a zipper placed in the regular spot of shoelaces, the sneaker mixes innovative lock-in technology with glamorous gold hardware. Williams’ most recent release keeps the initial sneaker design but with updates.

The sneaker now takes a deep purple color called “Lapis.” The hue is monochromatic across each section, including the shoe's Air-soles. A flowery design patterns the sneaker’s leather, and purple threading embroiders the iconic Nike swoosh. The insole contains a colorful, tropical print with a golden swoosh and the Serena Williams Design Crew logo.

The shoe’s release date is unknown, but the “Lapis” sneaker will likely cost $140.

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