Selena Gomez Drops Two Songs In Two Days And Advocates For Kindness On Instagram Live

She Had To Lose You To Love Herself, But Look At Her Now


We have been waiting for new solo tracks from Selena Gomez for four years and now, in the space of just two days, she has given us two. 

The first track ‘Lose You To Love Me’, released on Tuesday, is an emotional piano ballad in which Selena sings about the struggles of a relationship where she had to lose the person to find herself. Wonder who that could be about (the internet certainly has some theories…) In the black and white video, shot entirely on iPhone, Selena sits on a chair and simply sings to the camera about how he “promised the world and [she] fell for it.” Ugh, this one got us right in the feels.

The second track, released less than two days later, is an up-tempo pop dance anthem entitled ‘Look At Her Now.’ But really, though, look at her! Selena looks amazing in the new video; wearing some matching black PVC trousers and a jacket, with a long braid swaying down her back. In another scene, she wears a silver, sequined mini-dress and thigh-high boots. Bad ass. 

However, with some of the lyrics seemingly in reference to that ‘certain someone’, fans were on the lookout for any sort of reaction from the Biebers. Then, Hailey Baldwin posted a screenshot of the music she was listening to on her Insta: ‘I’ll Kill You’ by Summer Walker feat. Jhené Aik and the Internet kind of exploded. Whether the screenshot was an innocent albeit badly timed post or indeed, a jab at the singer, Selena responded in the best way possible. She took to Instagram Live to advocate for kindness, saying: “I am so grateful. However, I do not stand for women tearing other women down, and I will never, ever be about that. So please be kind to everyone. It doesn't matter what the situation is, if you're my fans, don't be rude to anybody, please. Don't go off and say things that you just feel in the moment. Please, for me, know that that's not my heart." 

We, for one, couldn’t be more excited that Selena is back making music and can’t wait to see what she’ll hit us with next. Check out the two new singles now and support our gal. And when you do, remember to keep that kindness with you. 

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