Exploring Nature in Style: Salewa's Latest "Puez" Product Line

Blending urban flair with outdoor performance for the modern adventurer.


Gone are the days when outdoor gear was solely functional companions for adventures. Salewa's newest collection, Puez, crafted specifically for the 2024 spring/summer season, caters to the emerging generation of outdoor enthusiasts who seek versatility without compromising style. Whether it's a trek through rugged terrain or a casual day in the city, the Puez collection seamlessly blends outdoor performance with urban flair.

Sneakers: Leading the lineup is the Puez Knit Mid Powertex Hiking Shoe, designed to deliver both comfort and durability on short hikes or extended explorations, while also suitable for urban environments. What sets this shoe apart is Salewa's innovative use of Alpine Hemp, integrating recycled hemp waste into the midsole to reduce the reliance on environmentally harmful materials like EVA and microplastics. Even the laces feature a sustainable blend of hemp and recycled polyester

Shop the Puez Knit Mid Powertex Hiking Shoe
 here for €250.

Backpack: For those seeking adventure on their shoulders, the Puez 40+5 L Backpack offers robustness and functionality in a progressive design. Its rolltop opening and deep-set Infinity double zipper provide quick access to all compartments, including items buried at the bottom. With an additional five liters of storage space, this backpack is ideal for longer excursions. 

Shop the Puez 40+5 L Backpack
here for €190.

Cargo Pants: The Puez Hemp Durastretch 2/1 Hybrid Pants combine softness, breathability, and durability, making them suitable for mountain trails or urban streets. Crafted from Alpine Hemp with added Sorona® polyester fibers, these pants offer natural cooling properties and easy care, with high-abrasion Durastretch panels ensuring flexibility and resilience where needed.

Shop the Puez Hemp Durastretch 2/1 Hybrid Pants
here for €170.

Jacket: Rounding out the collection is the Puez Hemp Durastretch 2/1 Hybrid Jacket, a versatile outer layer made from sustainable Alpine Hemp material. Its hybrid construction, featuring Sorona® and Durastretch technologies, provides breathability, adaptability, and urban-friendly aesthetics, making it perfect for trekking in varying conditions or blending into city landscapes. 

Shop the Puez Hemp Durastretch 2/1 Hybrid Jacket
here for €200.

Salewa's "We_ar* Nature" concept underpins the entire Puez collection, offering a fresh perspective on trekking apparel that transcends traditional boundaries. Inspired by the fast-paced yet nature-seeking lifestyle of today's adventurers, Salewa emphasizes the fusion of urban trends with eco-conscious design principles.

The integration of Alpine Hemp and Sorona® materials underscores Salewa's commitment to sustainability without compromising on performance. From natural cooling properties to enhanced stretch capabilities, these innovative textiles redefine comfort and functionality in outdoor wear.

In essence, Salewa's Puez collection embodies the ethos of "Wear Nature" and "We Are Nature," inviting wearers to connect with the environment wherever they may roam, be it the rugged mountains or bustling city streets.

With meticulous attention to detail, a commitment to sustainability, and a nod to contemporary aesthetics, Salewa's Puez collection sets a new standard for outdoor apparel that resonates with the modern adventurer.

Don't forget to explore Salewa's website for the full Puez collection!
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