Revea’s Mobile App That Solves Your Skincare Problems

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Having the right skincare routine is a long journey, and it’s frustrating when you can’t see that light at the end of the tunnel. Opening your cupboard to an array of different brands because you’ve tried every product under the sun and STILL, the flare ups keep happening, your skin feels itchy and dry or the opposite, like the bottom of a traybake. 
So how cool would it be if you could find all the answers you needed at your fingertips!


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Following the launch of their skincare brand back in April 2021, Revea have released a unique skincare app. Through the art of AI technology, the app detects your skin type all for you! 
The system calculates the difference in wavelengths that are detected and those that are missing, as well as the waves that ‘reflect with skin barriers’. 
Not only is it more environmentally friendly, it was created purely for your own, individual biology, which makes this personal experience even more exciting. The products recommended from your results are both highly requested and tailored to your needs. 


A post shared by Revea Skincare (@myrevea)


Similar to having an x-ray or MRI, this one-off technology experience helps ‘address and determine’ worrying areas of your skin, finding ‘the root of the cause and the best ingredients’ for your body type. By doing this they ensure you find the best products and provide you with a precise plan for your daily routine, that’s TOTALLY FREE! 


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