Pete Davidson In Trauma Therapy Due To Online Bullying From Kanye West

The comedian is reportedly seeking help after West's harassment.


Pete Davidson has reportedly been seeking trauma therapy since April of this year, in large part due to Kanye West’s constant online harassment towards him. 

The harassment began when it became official back in November that Davidson and Kanye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian were dating, a fact that set West into a series of online tirades and tantrums. Back in January, Kanye dropped a track titled “EAZY” where he mentions he wants to “beat Pete Davidson’s ass” followed by a video accompanying the song where Kanye buries the comedian alive. At the end of the video it states “Everyone lived happily ever after”, then immediately followed with “Except Skete, you know who.” “Skete” is the taunting nickname that West appointed Davidson with since his relationship with Kim began. 

On another one of West’s endless posts on social media attacking his ex-wife’s new relationship with Pete, Kanye even urged his fans to “scream at the loser at the top of your lungs and say Kimye forever.” Following West’s abusive antics, Davidson reportedly hired more intensive security for protection from the rap icon’s loyal fanbase.

Following the recent split between Kim and Pete just last week, it has been made clear by Pete that the harassment from Kanye had nothing to do with his relationship ending with Kim, adding that she had been nothing but supportive of him the entire time and absolutely does not condone her ex-husband’s behavior. This all comes from a source close to Davidson that spoke exclusively to People. The source continued with stating that Pete has absolutely no regrets for his nine month relationship with Kim and that he will now be focusing on his next career endeavors. 

Besides getting the help he needs from the very tumultuous and public attacks from Kanye, Pete has a new summer horror comedy titled Bodies Bodies Bodies, and is currently filming a movie in Australia titled Wizards.

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