Mistakes To Avoid For A Perfect Manicure

Do your nails like a pro.


When you apply nail polish yourself, it doesn't hold? Does your manicure look messy or does your polish not dry? Then it's likely you're making one of these common mistakes that ruin your work. Ultimately, few details make all the difference between a pretty manicure and a botched one. Here are some missteps you should pay attention to.

Neglecting nail preparation

A good manicure begins before the application of nail polish. It’s best to remember this if you want beautiful nails! Initially, push back your cuticles after having softened them in a bowl of warm water. Afterward, clip your nails to even them out. Then, polish them regularly to smooth the surface. File the tips to create a nice shape.

Skipping the base coat

As the name suggests, the base coat is the foundation of any well-made manicure. Transparent in order not to change the shade you want to wear over it, it is applied to bare nails to protect them from the pigments of colored nail polishes. Indeed, regular nail polish applications can stain nails and make them yellow.
In addition to that, a nail base helps to smooth the surface of the nail to improve the result obtained.

Apply your nail polish in a thick layer

To save time and get a good opacity of the color in one coat, we tend to think that a thick layer will do the trick. Big mistake! Thickness prevents the nail polish from drying well.
To achieve a good opacity, it is better to apply a thin layer first and let it settle. Then repeat a second time.  

Putting polish on your cuticles

This one is a cardinal sin. It’s the sure way to render your manicure messy. In fact, when applying nail polish, put it on the nail bed only and not on the cuticles which are made of skin. This misstep shortens your nail and makes the polish appear uneven. Not to mention the drying effect of nail polish on this fragile skin.

Not sealing nail tips

The most forgotten steps of all! Finish the application by putting a little product on the tip, and sometimes on the sides of the nail if yours are long. Applying a little bit of nail polish on the tip prevents the nail polish from chipping. Your manicure becomes more resistant to small daily aggressions such as water and scratchy materials.
This little extra step makes all the difference. Your manicure will last longer.