Millie Bobby Brown's Latest Nail Look Speaks To Gen Z Fashion

Our favorite Hawkins hero meets the Y2K era.


Gen Z used the past two years to fall in love with Y2K fashion–pleated mini skirts, micro sunglasses and baby tees embolden the teens of today. And our favorite Gen Z celeb Millie Bobby Brown shares her generation’s love of the aesthetic. While the Stranger Things star has worn countless 2000-inspired outfits (the purple, feather-lined top she sported on The Tonight Show is a classic example), Millie recently debuted a Y2K nail look at the Samsung 2022 Galaxy Creators Lounge Event. 

Though her nails initially resembled a classic French mani, she adds the playful pinks that Y2K fashion adores. Hot and baby pink bands curve across each of her cuticles, creating a swirled effect. This pattern, according to Popsugar, initially came from Chaun Legend, a celebrity nail artist who has created nails that resemble rainbow lollipops. 

If you’re looking for a final nail look before the summer wanes, why not take a page out of Millie’s book and put a Y2K spin on a classic design? 

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