Lukas Gage Discusses Botched Botox Treatment

“Botox is not for me.”


During a ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ appearance on March 16, the actor recalled how the cosmetic procedure went awry while he was filming season four of ‘You’ in London, resulting in a drooping eyelid. 

Lukas Gage prefaced the story by sharing what led him to get the injection in the first place. "As an actor, you are put in a lot of makeup. I'm talking pounds of makeup," he began. "You have to get facials. Guys need facials too — let's normalize that." 

During one appointment, the facialist pointed out how his eyebrows appeared to be at uneven heights on his face, and he took her word for it. "I was just obsessed with that eyebrow ever since she said it," he admitted. 

Two days later, Lukas returned to the same facialist to fix the unevenness with one unit of Botox, which landed him with a sagging eyelid. "This is something called ptosis. Two percent of people who get Botox experience this," Lukas Gage said as Jimmy Kimmel showed a selfie of the actor with one eye half-closed. 

Seeing as he was on set filming ‘You’ at the time and the condition lasted six whole weeks, the directors had a simple solution: his character, Adam Pratt, wore sunglasses for several scenes. 

It's safe to say Lukas Gage won't be revisiting that facialist or getting Botox again anytime soon. "I think it's a lesson for everyone out there: no one's face is symmetrical," he said. "This was a hard and fast lesson learned that Botox is not for me."

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