LØLØ Kills Plants And Relationships

And, as a grunge-pop princess, she sings about it in an effortless way.


Paramore is reincarnated in the music of LØLØ, an artist you should definitely keep your eye on. An unapologetic, honest, painfully authentic, and effortlessly talented musician from Toronto has just treated the world to her six-track EP. ‘overkill’ by LØLØ, released via LA  independent label Hopeless Records, channels a wide range of emotions, ranging from pain, anguish, and anxiety to love, loneliness and euphoria.


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The artist describes her newest project in a characteristic, straightforward yet ironic way. ‘Take the regular highs and lows of being young and dumb, add in a global pandemic and a heavy dose of social anxiety and you get a seriously unstable LØLØ. Armed with what seemed like an endless well of inspiration, including killing many plants and relationships, falling for people I shouldn’t, etc, I felt lost, lonely, and pathetic.’

Yet she admits that she found a remedy in her creativity. ‘When I feel that way, I turn to music - somehow songwriting has become the only type of surgery that can fix me when I’m broken. Instead of dealing with these things like a normal person, I wrote an EP.  All I can do now is cross my fingers and hope people understand the twisted pile of wreckage that is my brain.’

Music videos to ‘u look stupid’ and ‘die without u’ also embrace grunge-pop energy, featuring fishnet tights and gloves, chunky boots, black nail polish, and chains. A very aesthetically pleasing trip down memory lane proves that LØLØ’s artistry is thoughtful and consistent.

Listen to ‘overkill’ by LØLØ now

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