Kenzo Unites At Paris With Jubilant

Kenzo Unites At Paris With Jubilant

Fluro Unity with the LA vibes.


Kenzo shows are notorious for their theatrics. Their Paris Fashion Show 2019 was no exception.

Taking stage in the basement of the Maison de la Mutualité, the basement was dark, smokey and had bouts of color in the suspended garden with in colorful flower arrangements to match the collections palette, 'floral clouds' as coined by Leon the co-creative designer. A  laser light show accompanied by the serenade of the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble entertained the fashion hungry crowd.  One could say Kenzo was aiming for a rave-like show instead of a fashion runway. 

Paris this season is the Blurred Lines Capital (not referencing Thicke Song). Blurring the male-female tailoring, fabrics and ways of dressing. Playing with the sense of androgyny. Rather than the stereotypical heavy suit tailoring that we think of in androgyny, Kenzo's Humberto Leon had another idea: “Feminine gowns inspired the men’s pants; suiting appeared in the woman’s collection...It was about blurring the lines.”

Fashion has come a long way if we are to truly think of it. Fashion no longer has rules or follows rules. Remember the late 80's/90's/early 00's when fashion followed a stringent formula of what was considered high fashion and fashionable? Those days are over. Fashion now follows inspiration and has a natural science flare, a great shift from the mechanical robotic-ness it once possessed. There is no longer a constrictingly male or female silhouettes, its a blend of both and designed to wear for all.    

Much like what we have seen before in Paris, Kenzo has gone back into the archives and to their roots, re-inventing what Takada had done, Kenzo's founder, with mixing colors and patterns to create a unity of freedom. Kenzo clashed their patterns but some how managed to to marry them together so wonderfully into garments and outfits so perfectly crafted. 

 Kenzo referenced Greek mythology of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. “It’s one of the strongest symbols in the universe.”  Carol Lim excitingly noted. 

A resurrection of fashion perhaps? 

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