Katie Tupper’s New Single Sounds Like Canadian Meadows

And like memories of old love.


Born in Canada, a pop-folk artist Katie Tupper who started playing bass drum with a marching band at the age of just 14, draws her musical inspiration from endless acres of her hometown, Saskatoon. Meadows and grasslands (or as she refers to them, ‘fields of butter’) can definitely be heard and felt in her newest, immense single ‘How Can I Get Love?’

Lyrically, Katie Tupper tackles difficult emotions such as heartbreak or rejection, and expresses how difficult it sometimes may bw to move on. Taylor Swift who? ‘It’s about coming back to your hometown and wanting things to be exactly as you left them, and the desperation for those memories once you realise that is not true,’ Katie shares about ‘How Can I Get Love?,’ and she adds. ‘I wrote about moments in previous relationships where you fully lay yourself out on the line, almost to a desperate extent because you feel you need to. It feels like vulnerability and bravery in confessing an old love, but it really is more of seeking comfort in the familiar and begging those around you to create that for you.’

The release is accompanied by a romantic music video (what it above), in which Katie’s sheer gowns with puffed sleeves, combined with immersive landscapes of Canada, create dreamy aesthetics. The single ‘How Can I get Love?’ announces Katie’s debut EP 'Towards The End,' to come out in early 2022. Stay tuned for more.


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