Justifying Jorts: An Unexpected Summer Staple That Keeps Returning

How to get that Adam Sandler look


Jorts are back this summer, again! Of course, jorts are not a new fashion trend, like everything trendy for the Gen Z generation, many items of clothing are coming back from the early 2000s and joining the list of Y2K core. However, Jorts remain a controversial piece, as they come back into style in waves and raises many eyebrows, some arguing it’s the ugliest clothing ever to exist and others calling it revolutionary.  

Back in the 2000s, jorts used to be tighter and fitter, but as each year passed, the baggier the better. So basically, every year, fashion inches closer to unironically fit the Adam Sandler look. In 2021, he was named Style Icon of the Year by Vogue and a year later the wave of “dad fashion” emerged to the scene.

Jorts are essentially jeans cut down into shorts. The Frankenstein-ness of this garment is inherently rebellious, people scrapped jeans by remodelling and cutting denim to serve a new purpose in the fashion sphere. Therefore, jorts became a staple material for clothing, known for its durability and versatility. 

Celebrities like Bella Hadid, Justin Bieber, and Hailey Bieber quickly hopped on this trend and have shifted to a more relaxed baggy version that praises the Adam Sandler style. This comfortable look has even reached French label Givenchy with its relaunch of the Y2K pants in a cargo version, while the Gucci Cruise 2023 collection altered for a sparkling rhinestone trim in the style of the dazzling ’90s. 

One of the main reasons jorts remain a core feature for summer fashion is their versatility. As they can be integrated into everyday looks and also styled for going out. For a sophisticated appearance, you can take the Y2K look to the extreme by combining the baggy jorts with tight tube top or go for the double denim look. But with a more casual look, jorts can be paired with a graphic tee or hoodie. 

So, be quick and hop on the Jorts trend this summer! But if you're too late then no worries, as we're sure it'll be back next year.