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Is Rihanna Taking The Cosmetics Crown From Kylie?

Reports announce a staggering turnover for Fenty Beauty.


We all know the beauty industry is a big business, but which is the biggest business in the industry? Last week LVMH reported that Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand has turned over nearly 500 million euros in its first full year of trading and is now being dubbed as ‘The Fenty Effect’. The brand was launched to high anticipation in September 2017 in partnership with Kendo Beauty division. The brand launched itself to success with its wide range of inclusive shades (foundation available in 50 different shades) and high-quality products and packaging. 

In the US Fenty Beauty is available exclusively at Sephora, also owned by LVMH. Sephora a global brand, shipping worldwide and reportedly generated one million dollars in sales in Fenty’s first 40 days. In the UK, Fenty Beauty is available at Harvey Nichols exclusively. 

Fenty’s biggest rival is Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics, which launched in 2015. Kylie is stocked in Ulta’s 1,200 locations as well as online and her exclusive pop-up shops, which have taken place in locations such as LA and San Francisco. 

Reports say that according to numbers, Rihanna’s figures of the first year of Fenty surpass what Kylie did in the first 18 months of Kylie Cosmetics. RiRi is benefiting from the collaboration with LVMH and Sephora meaning that sales data can be analyzed and has prime selling position in one of the worlds biggest cosmetic companies. There has been disputation however about how much of Fenty Beauty Rihanna actually owns, as LVMH own a ‘sizeable’ stake’, versus Kylie who owns 100% of Kylie Cosmetics. Who will end up top between these two superstar brands? Only time (and sales) will tell!


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