How To Still Have A Love Life In Lockdown

Try, and salvage has much normality as you possibly can.


Even though the lockdown continues on for many, it’s important to try, and salvage has much normality as you possibly can. Having a love life in lockdown though can certainly make things difficult, but it’s still possible. Here are some tips to still have a love life in lockdown.

Get Yourself On Dating Websites

Dating websites are important to utilize during this time as it’s the main way of being able to contact new people and not simply friends of friends. There are a lot of platforms out there to take your pick from, and each is different from one another. It’s worth looking at what’s available to you and which one you find the most useful. It might be worth setting yourself up with a couple of different ones to see what you prefer. Some are more complex than others, and there are different ways that the chat section and matching up with someone works, so navigate all of the available sites until you find one you like. Start with or download an app if you find it more useful to have on your mobile phone.

Catch Up With Friends Or Group Chats

Not everyone meets through dating websites, some are often introduced to others in various friendship groups. So why not make the most out of this lockdown, by offering yourself out to a few zoom parties here and there. Get your friends to invite their friends, and you can get to know other people around your friendship circle and who knows who you might meet. All it takes is one person to add you on your personal social media, and you can perhaps exchange communications during the lockdown period to keep you occupied.

Spend Time On Yourself

It’s good to spend time on yourself every now and then because learning about what makes you tick or makes you happy is important too. As much as you might spend time focusing on others, try to evaluate what you want in your ideal partner, and perhaps change what you’re looking for when it comes to an ideal match. This lockdown period can certainly get you thinking and can provide good food for thought that might help to improve your dating experience in general.

Set Up A Date Night At Home

As much as date night is something that can’t happen outside at a fancy restaurant or at your favourite spot, you can still bring date night indoors and virtually too! If you’ve started seeing someone before the lockdown or you’ve been chatting to a person and want to start dating, then plan a date night together. Get the webcams out, decide on what you are eating for your meal and then have a lovely night in. It’s a way to make it a more intimate experience than simply chatting casually where you may get distracted from other things.

Having a love life during lockdown is definitely difficult, but it can still be made possible using these tips.

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