5 Tips How To Apply Witchcraft To Online Dating

Spoiler alert, you can’t manipulate someone into liking you.


With spooky seasons approaching and witches taking over the Internet, including the dating apps, here’s how you can apply witchcraft to online dating, inspired by professional witches.

1.    You can’t manipulate someone into liking you
Despite the misconception you get from movies, witchcraft is not about manipulation. So change your mindset and explore other tricks.

2.    Influence your own energy
A spiritual bath might be a way to do so. Michael Cardenas, happily committed witch and physic medium created a special one to set your energy for online dating: honey, rose petals/other types of your fav flowers, plus your signature scent. And remember, while in the tub, focus on INTENTIONS


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3.    Intention vs manifestation
Speaking of intentions, they always come first in a witchcraft process. Use candles, oils, incense and different elements to implement them. And after that, comes action. With the ritualization process, intention and manifestation grow stronger together. 

4.    Your phone is a black mirror
You can bring energies through your phones – like witches used to do through the sun. Remember to be intentional and focus on the thought of attracting someone into your life. Again, ritualization might help – rub the oil into the four corners of your phone and focus on the intention of finding the right type. Then, the manifestation comes with swiping. Ready, steady, go!

5.    Bring honey on the first date
In magic, honey, a sacred food, sweetens the things up. Put your finger into it and think how you want the date to go. The benefit is that honey, a sweetening agent, will add sweetness to your words – and words of your date!

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