Soulland & Harry’s Designs Set To Dismantle Stigma
Soulland & Harry’s Designs Set To Dismantle Stigma
Soulland & Harry’s Designs Set To Dismantle Stigma
Soulland & Harry’s Designs Set To Dismantle Stigma

Soulland & Harry’s Designs Set To Dismantle Stigma

Fashionably raising mental health awareness.


Despite mental health stigma decreasing and the ability to openly speak about mental health being something which has definitely advanced, it is no secret that there is still much further for us to go to achieve full destigmatization. Dismantling the stigma is something which will have to involve raising awareness from every platform possible. This is exactly what Harry's and Soulland have set out to do within fashion

Harry’s and Soulland have teamed up to create a two-piece capsule collection which is set to raise awareness and get people talking about mental health. Their mental health collection contains two unisex colligate sweats including with the words ‘loneliness’ and ‘angst’. These sweats are finished with the handwritten words ‘Dismantle the stigma-mental health is not a taboo’. 

Harry’s collaborating with Soulland has proven perfect for this collection, with both styles working together to fashionably raise mental health awareness. This collection is guaranteed to be eye catching whilst also passing on an important message; mental health is not a taboo, nor should it ever have been. 

This collaboration comes as a celebration of Harry’s partnering with German charity, Freunde fürs Leben e.V., a mental health charity which works to prevent suicide by providing help and therapy for individuals. Harry’s is definitely not new to working with charitable organizations, with them donating 1% of their sales to charitable organizations each year. Harry’s has an admirable stance towards improving the lives of others, Soulland associating themselves with this is extremely positive for them as a brand. 

Harry’s and Soulland’s incredible, influential two-piece capsule will be available to be purchased both online at www.soulland.com and within the German concept stores- Superconscious Berlin, MBCY Frankfurt, and BSTN Munich. 

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