Glossier Is Finally Available At Sephora

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Glossier is officially available to shop at Sephora stores nationwide.

Previously shared through a joint Instagram post, the two companies announced that Glossier will be available to shop in Sephora stores, online at, and on the Sephora app (exclusively in the United States and Canada) in early 2023. 

The beloved products Cloud Paint, Boy Brow, and Balm Dotcom, among others, have finally become way more accessible.

The brand is well-known for its long-standing and highly successful direct-to-consumer marketing and sales approach and has previously excluded third-party retailers, which is why its retailer collaboration is that much more exciting for diehard fans of the brand. 


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“Glossier is built on community, and Sephora is not only an iconic global retailer but also embodies our commitment to community,” Glossier CEO Kyle Leahy says in a statement. “It is a beauty destination and the perfect partner for Glossier’s first-ever retail relationship. We both strive to celebrate the joys of beauty discovery and it’s where so many of our customers are already shopping. Before this collaboration was even announced, Glossier was one of the most searched brands on”

Considered Glossier's "home away from home," the new partnership comes on the heels of several changes at the brand, with Olivia Rodrigo announced as brand ambassador in 2022, and Emily Weiss stepping down from her role as CEO shortly after. 

It’s clear that Glossier is continuing its growth trajectory, with a ninth location and latest flagship store opening this month in New York City, plus store openings to come for Washington, Atlanta, and Philadelphia.

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