Why Is Olaplex Facing A $75K Lawsuit?

Misinformation on TikTok may be to blame.


Nearly 30 women are suing hair care brand Olaplex for negligence and false advertising, claiming their products contain allergens and irritants that caused them hair loss and dry, brittle hair. 

According to the lawsuit, Olaplex states in its marketing materials that their products, which include shampoos, conditioners and oils and are numbered 0 through 9, "restore damaged and compromised hair" while creating "healthy, beautiful, shiny, touchable hair," and that results are "proven by science." 

According to the complaint, multiple Olaplex products contained lilial, a chemical compound that is often used as a perfume in cosmetics, until the European Union mandated the ingredient be gone from products by March 2022 due to concerns about its impact on fertility.


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Additionally, the products contain panthenol, a form of vitamin B5 that can cause an allergic reaction, which resulted in cases of contact dermatitis for some women, and sodium benzoate and ascorbic acid, which together form benzene, a carcinogen, the lawsuit alleges.

The plaintiffs also accuse Olaplex of using celebrities and influencers to market their products, but failing to disclose that they have been paid and that the company claims their products have been tested, but has not publicized those tests, which is "highly suspect," the complaint says.

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