Frank Ocean Brings Back His Met Gala Green Baby To Promote New Homer Drop

The singer’s luxury brand updates its pieces with new colorways.


Frank Ocean, music’s greatest internet-age enigma, has returned to the fashion industry with a drop for his luxury brand, Homer. The release updates to the brand’s previous collection, “When A Dog Comes To Stay,” now with the pieces available in new colorways. Ocean has brought back his green animatronic baby, which he famously carried down the Met Gala red carpet, to promote Homer's evolving vision. 


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The alien-type doll, with slime-colored skin and bright blue eyes, is named Cody and serves as a canvas for Ocean’s creative endeavors. The animatronic child seems to have graduated from being cradled on the red carpet to posing alongside Homer’s models, as seen in a new photograph captured by Ocean. Homer's other pictures promote the brand’s luxury items through pixelated images of dogs, featuring each colorway available in the collection. 


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Called “Soba” and “Chet Blue,” the new colorways reimagine the collection’s dog imagery in shades of pink and blue. Three sterling silver pendants featuring three different dogs, named “Dolly,” “Weezy,” and “Iggy,” carry the colorways, alongside a silicone keychain. “H-Bone” bracelets, rings, and pendants also offer the colorways and an option to add lab-grown diamonds. The “Soba” and “Chet Blue” are seen again on a silk scarf.

Homer’s updated colorways are sold on


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