Interview: FOX GUNN Unveils Stories Behind Her Debut EP "BADASS + VULNERABLE"

A journey of self-discovery and queer narratives.


8We had the incredible opportunity to sit down with the talented artist FOX GUNN for an exclusive Fizzy Mag interview. She just released her debut EP 'BADASS + VULNERABLE,' and we got to dive into the inspiring stories behind her empowering and unapologetically queer tracks. Get ready to explore her journey of self-discovery and the themes that shaped her music. Let's jump right in!

Congratulations on the release of your debut EP, 'BADASS + VULNERABLE'! How does having your first solo project out in the world feel?

Thank you so much! It feels great, a bit weird, to be honest. I’ve been working towards this for a long time, and now I don’t think I know what to do with myself haha.

Your EP is described as "unapologetically queer" and full of empowering lyrics. Can you tell us a bit more about the queer narratives and themes that inspired the songs?

Yeah! The EP is basically my diary from last year. I went through a very tough breakup and coped with it by going out a lot, dating around, making bad decisions… but mostly having a lot of fun.

The songs are about people I met during that time and what came from those encounters - most of them were pretty toxic, I think that’s what I needed at the time, so it was great material to write about.

Writing this EP was my way of processing what I was feeling - I would go out into the world, experience things to the fullest, then retreat to my little home studio and write what I was feeling.

'RECKLESS' opens the EP and sets the mood for the rest of the tracks. What inspired this song, and why did you choose it as the introductory track?

As soon as I wrote the first line of RECKLESS, "I had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, all in the same week," I knew it had to be the introductory track.

I think RECKLESS encapsulates the whole concept of the EP perfectly; it tells the listener about what I’m going through and, in a way, warns them about what’s to come.

I wrote it as I re-discovered being single and going through a lot of changes at once: I 'went from homemaker to heartbreaker,' I started going out and staying out 'til the morning, I got good at goodbyes... It felt (and still feels) like the perfect opening track. I see it as an abstract of the EP.

On the drop after ‘badass and vulnerable,’ if you listen closely, the messy vocal samples you can hear are parts of all the other songs on the EP! So, technically, the audience has already listened to a bit of all the songs on the EP from the very first track.

'POTTERY' has been receiving great support from various magazines. What was the process like creating this quintessential queer breakup song?

To be completely honest, very painful - but also very cathartic.

Fun fact: I had COVID when I started writing POTTERY. I had gone to Barcelona (my hometown) to get away from London and my ex, and two days before my flight back, I tested positive. I spent a few days locked in a room, utterly heartbroken and without distraction from my emotions, so I wrote POTTERY.

After a couple of days alone in that room, I realized I didn’t know who I was without 'my muse.' I had made myself small and weak for the person the song's about to thrive, and by doing that, had lost myself. Writing POTTERY felt like coming back to myself, re-discovering my power, and deciding I wouldn't give it away again - hence the lyric 'this is all about me, no more writing about you.'

It's also worth noting that it was my first-ever heartbreak, and the first (especially in a queer relationship) cuts deep. I felt so much and didn't know what to do, so I put it into a song, and I'm glad I did.

'USE ME PROPERLY' and 'IDON’TWANTTHISBUTIWANTHER' explore themes of desire and emotional complexity. Could you share the inspiration behind these two tracks and how they fit into the overall story of the EP?

Yes! I wrote them back to back - USE ME PROPERLY first, then IDON’TTHISBUTIWANTHER a couple of weeks later. I met someone in a relationship (unhealthy, I know, but at the time, I was hurt and had a different view on it). We used to go out a lot together and ended up in a very messy situationship.

The title is based on a true story: once she said "You know I’m just using you," to which I replied "Use me properly," and a few minutes later I had already written it down on my phone to write a song about it, haha.

USE ME PROPERLY is all about tension, desire, anticipation, and knowing something’s bad for you but still wanting it and going for it. (Fun fact about this track: the last line, ‘she wants to sleep with common people like me,' is a nod to Pulp’s Common People).

IDON’TWANTTHISBUTIWANTHER is the continuation of the story. After telling my love interest to just use me, I went and caught feelings - dumb, I know. By then, she had left the person she was with, and I realized I could not be in a relationship. I had just gotten out of one and needed the time and space to find myself again, re-discover what I like, and, more importantly, what I wanted and needed.

The track plays with the fact that I really did not want or need any type of relationship, but I wanted to be with that person. I was a hot mess: I kept telling her and myself I didn’t want anything but stayed over, cooked her breakfast, and walked her to work… a sapphic situationship at its finest.

It’s a fun and playful song; I think it might be my favorite on the EP.