2 For 1, Reversible Tote Bags Get A Yes From Us

For the days we can't make our minds up.


Large bags have taken over the scene. This is incredible for us as we can pack as much as we like, instead of squishing and squashing things which should not be squished and squashed. Say goodbye to selective packing and hello to a spare storage room, you can carry around on your shoulder.  

As handy and practical as these bags can be, chances are youf will only require one. A bag you love over three you like is of course the way to go. However, a solution to not buying multiple bags and yet having more options available to you is investing in a reversible tote.  



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Reversible bags are the way of the future. You get more options and use, for less fabric and money- Kinda genius, right? We’ve found a brand making cool reversible totes for you to have a scan at it. Just think of those beach days- you can almost feel the sand clustering at the bottom of the bag already.

Erin Made


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Erin Made uses patterns of florals, pastels and patchwork prints to make cool and practical plus-size women's tote bags

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