Sukie Opens Up About Problems In Her Family

‘Best Of Luck’ is dedicated to her younger self.


A Manchester-born, Bath-based indie-pop artist, Sukie, who’s only 23 years old, had shared personal confessions about her mental health before. In her previous single ‘Buffy,’ covered by us in May, she admitted that her anxiety peaked in the pandemic period. Yet Sukie has an extraordinary ability to present difficult subjects in a cheerful way. ‘Best Of Luck,’ her newest track, once again proves her talent.

Sukie herself describes the single as ‘both a sad and a triumphant song.’ It’s true - a groovy and catchy rhythm will make you sway, you will also probably find yourself singing along Sukie’s effortlessly and perfectly high-pitched vocals. At the same time, lyrics reveal very specific details from Sukie’s childhood, including PC games or cartoons, and invite you to her personal space. Similarly, an accompanying music video delivers a melancholic yet aesthetically pleasing and colorful image. 

‘Best Of Luck’ tells a story ‘about growing up in a family that seemed super normal from the outside, but had lots of stuff going on that others didn’t know about. It’s kind of an ode to me and my childhood best friend, as we both grew up in families that were very affected by mental illness,’ shares Sukie.

Sukie also notices that ‘Best Of Luck’ was her way of facing up to issues from the best and achieving closure. ‘Writing it helped me to realize how much anger and resentment I was holding on to and helped me to come to terms with the fact that mental illness is never anyone’s fault. It's a song for my inner child. Giving her a hug and letting her know that it’s okay to move on from long-held grudges.’

Listen to ‘Best Of Luck’ by Sukie, an anthem for sentimental Gen Z.

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