Sukie Writes Sad Songs That You Can Dance To

Make sure to listen to ‘Buffy,’ her newest single.


Have you ever filled your day with mundane tasks just to get by? Have you tried to convince yourself that you enjoy boring activities even if you actually don’t because apparently, they’re supposed to be good for you? If the answer is yes, Sukie’s newest release, ‘Buffy,’ should on the top of your playlist for this week.


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An independent artist, based in Bath, writes lazy songs about everyday life, one of which is ‘Buffy,’ her fresh single. In other words, she creates extraordinary music about ordinary things. Soft electronics, low-fi bedroom aesthetics and Sukie’s lazy, summery, soft voice perfectly convey the slow reality around her of which she is a careful observer.

On ‘Buffy,’ Sukie lists many things that help her to distract herself from being nervous because, as she admits, her anxiety peaked in the pandemic period. Musically though, the song is cheerful and upbeat. Sukie confesses: ‘I wanted to write it in a super fun way, almost like a disco track, because I like the idea of sad songs being something that people dance to.’

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