Elon Musk Claims Pyramids ‘Built By Aliens’ In Recent Conspiracy Tweet

2020 just got weirder


Elon Musk has been making quite a name for himself this year, from naming his child X Æ A-Xii, endorsing Kanye West’s presidential run, and more recently, claiming the pyramids were built by aliens. Yes, you read that right.

In a frank, five-word tweet, Musk sent his twitter following of 37.4 million followers into a frenzy when he announced on July 31 that “Aliens built the pyramid obvs.” This isn’t the first controversial, and honestly quite random, post Musk has sent into the twitter-verse. In August of last year, Musk tweeted “Nuke Mars!” which equally generated mixed reception and a surprisingly fast turn-around of memes.

What drove Musk to his most recent claim? who knows, but for a thought probably had over his morning cheerios, it’s certainly gained a lot of attention, not least from Twitter’s archaeologist ‘community’ who were safe to say, not on board.

Egypt’s international co-operation minister Rania Al Mashat was quick to add to the conversation. In an attempt to de-bunk Musk’s extra-terrestrial claims, she invited him to visit the tombs to see for himself that they were in fact, built by humans. Musk is yet to respond to her offer, but should he accept, we see a great Netflix documentary on the horizon. Mr. Musk, we are also waiting for you.

Top image: David McEachan

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