SACHA. An Artist For Fans Of Pop And Grunge

‘Something We’ll Regret’ is out.


Although SACHA released only her debut single, she has every reason to become an international music star. Raised in Scotland, based in London, with Pakistani heritage, she is a diverse, fiery, female force, sharing her experiences through her unapologetically bold brand of grunge-pop music. She chose a firm artistic career path ever since, failing all subjects at school besides music.

Today she’s releasing her debut single, a powerful and unapologetic blend of pop and grunge. What attracts the attention on ‘Something We’ll Regret’ is her deep, juicy, distinct voice. You will hear it on the radio stations soon.

Lyrically, SASHA’s new track couldn’t be more relatable. ‘The song is about my repetitive bad choices when it comes to men - I always go for someone I know is bad news or a situation that will inevitably end badly but can’t help myself,’ she explains.

Listen to ‘Something We’ll Regret’ now.

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