The Coolest Avant-garde Fashion Footwear

For those who love quirky shoes.


Avant-garde fashion often pushes the boundaries of traditional footwear design, resulting in unique and eye-catching styles that may not always prioritize practicality. But let's be real, sometimes you must sacrifice practicality over functionality in fashion.

For those who are more daring, we have found five of the coolest avant-garde footwear currently on the market. So, if you are searching for your next funky pair of shoes, keep reading and be prepared to be inspired!

United Nude's "Mobius" Shoe

This shoe, designed by architect Rem D Koolhaas for United Nude, features a continuous loop of material that forms the shoe's sole and upper. It creates a striking visual effect and challenges the conventional construction of footwear. If you look closely enough, it seems like the shoe is floating!

Rick Owens' Geobasket Sneakers

Known for his dark and futuristic aesthetic, Rick Owens' Geobasket sneakers are a staple in avant-garde fashion. They feature a high-top silhouette, exaggerated proportions, and unique materials like premium leather and suede, often with unconventional lacing systems. They are sneakers that make a statement; however, they also look like they would be extremely heavy on your ankle.

Maison Margiela's Tabi Boots