Chisara Agor, A Socially Conscious London Creative, Talks To Us About Her Double Release

‘Forever’ and ‘Better Man’ are out.


Thought-provoking, inquisitive, creative and unconventional. Those are just a few words that can describe Chisara Agor and her music. Or maybe we should use the word ‘art’ instead as her songwriting aims to question and make sense of the world around her. 

And that’s the purpose of her newest double release, ‘Forever’ and ‘Better Man,’ a blend of West African percussion, jazz, hip hop, bossa nova, soul and indie rock, all joined by Chisara’s mesmerising, hypnotising, magical vocal. ‘I’ve never done a double release before, but I think it gives people more to hold onto, a stronger narrative and a conversation between artist and listener,’ she confesses to us.

The double release is not an accidental choice since, as Chisara shares with us, the tracks are two sides of the same coin. ‘ ‘Forever’ is a conversation about where the world may be heading and a desire to stand together despite exhaustion in order to confront injustice, whereas ‘Better Man’ is a more intimate conversation about complex individuals living and moving through public space.’

To lift the veil of secrecy, ‘Forever’ calls to join the history of black movements as the vocalist celebrates and remembers her roots through her music, art and research. ‘Music is and was a way to communicate when words were sparse when my ancestors were forbidden to speak their own language.’ During our conversation, Chisara also emphasizes that ‘there are no black movements without music.’

‘Better Man,’ on the other hand, speaks about the struggles of life in London. Chisara admits to us that it’s a great city for an artist but simultaneously, she finds it challenging to live in a space so heavily driven by corporations and competition. Inspired by the title of her single, we also reflected together what should we do to become better people. ‘Bearing witness can change you and move you into action,’ decides the artist but she adds immediately that becoming better is not an easy task. ‘More suffering happens when people are cut off from their emotions or taught not to feel. How can we be better or help others if we are broken people?’

‘Forever’ and ‘Better Man’ are available on streaming services.

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