Breonna Taylor Has Been Failed By The System – Here’s How You Can Help

A list of organisations and campaigns you can donate to in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and the Black community.


The three police officers that were responsible for the death of Breonna Taylor as she slept in her home stood before a Kentucky grand jury on September 23. All three were absolved from homicide charges. One officer, Brett Hankinson, was indicted for wanton endangerment as a result of bullets entering a neighboring apartment. In other words, and as one viral protest sign pointed out, he was charged for the shots that missed Breonna and cleared for those that killed her.  

Breonna’s denial of justice is tearing through the Black community, a heinous reminder of the complete disregard for Black lives the US judicial system maintains, proven over and over again. The jury’s decision sparked yet more protests across Louisville, Seattle, New York, and Chicago, as it was made clear the initial protests fell on selectively deaf ears. Rather than make the police take accountability for their murder of an innocent Black civilian, Louisville Governor Andy Beshear deployed the National Guard to control the protests; utilizing fear and intimidation to silence the anger and ache evoked by the verdict. Breonna Taylor died at the hands of police on March 13, 2020. Capital cannot and will not compensate for her death, but you can show your support for BLM by donating to these organizations and campaigns:   

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Black Lives Matter Card 

Extensive and informative resources on BLM. Sign petitions and donate to funds, as well as discover ways to help Free Palestine and the Yemen Crisis. If you can’t afford to donate but still want to help, you can donate by playing games and streaming playlists.  

Black Women’s Health Imperative  

The only organization in America dedicated to improving the health and wellness of Black women and girls. Running for 35 years, the organization runs evidence-based campaigns and programs to support Black women’s physical, maternal and reproductive health. They are at the forefront of the movement to establish the first National Health Policy Agenda for Black Women.


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The African American Policy Forum #SayHerName Fund  

Since 2014, the campaign has provided support and aid to the families of Black women murdered at the hands of police through police advocacy and organizing events for grieving mothers. The establishment has also started an emergency fund providing new mothers with relief and care packages.


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The Loveland Foundation Therapy Fund 

Founded in 2018 by educator and activist Rachel Cargle, the foundation aids Black women and girls’ mental health by providing financial support to those seeking therapy. Appointments can cost thousands of dollars, becoming a huge barrier to those who need it most during times of racial unrest. The Loveland Foundation aims to provide 4-8 sessions of free therapy for 1,000 women throughout 2020.


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Justice For Breonna Taylor GoFundMe 

Started by Breonna’s aunt, Bianca Austin, the GoFundMe raises money for the Justice For Breonna Foundation, launched by Breonna’s mother, Tamika Palmer. The foundation contributes to programs and scholarships for youths studying for and pursuing a career in nursing or as an emergency medical technician. Donations also aid Breonna’s family throughout their pursuit for justice.

The National Black Women’s Justice Institute 

An establishment dedicated to addressing issues such as economic marginalization, domestic violence, and criminal violence, among many others, to abolish racial and gender barriers for Black women and girls.


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