Catching Flights: How To Look Chic Yet Comfortable While Travelling This Summer

Mastering the arts of airport attire


As we begin to enter the warmer seasons of the year, you know what that means – summer vacation! Although, we’re sure you’ve already begun to plan your holiday outfits, let’s take a step back and plan the first step of your journey- the traveling. 

If you have a trip coming up, here are a bunch of looks that range from comfortable to sophisticated styles to make sure you never lose your taste even when you're traveling. However, these are not necessarily airport attire they can work for any mode of transportation.

Even if you don’t have something planned, these outfits can offer some fashion inspiration or just some essential ideas. So, check out a few of the best airport outfit ideas below.

A bold sweatshirt with matching pants

A basic staple in most people’s wardrobes is a matching lounge outfit which you can always rely on. A casual sweatpant and sweatshirt can look extra chic.



A jumpsuit with extra accessories

Jumpsuits are the perfect simple yet practical situation. They can always be paired with some fun accessories, like a sun hat, sunglasses, and sandals. So, you can be ready for the sun!



Sophisticated statement coat and jeans

This outfit is perfect if you want to go with the business casual look! One way to avoid re-wearing outfits and make more space in your luggage is by wearing a full outfit to the airport.


Cozy knit coord 

Wide-leg trousers are the ideal traveling attire if you are going for comfort while traveling. To get that quiet luxury look, finish the outfit with an oversized shirt and a mini bag.



Shirt and Shorts 

If you want to begin your summer vacation early, why not dress for the occasion? Keeping it cool in the hot weather to come, with a pair of high-waisted shorts and a lightweight top.