Change Your Look With Blunt Bangs

You’ve wanted to do this for ages!


2020 has been a year of taking risks with hair. With quarantine and lockdown, people have cut their hair with the mentality ‘I’m stuck inside, if it goes wrong no one will see it.’ This has lead to people realizing they actually can pull off this ‘risky’ look, but they were just too scared to do it. One look that’s been embraced by many is the iconic blunt bangs.  

Blunt cut baby bangs is a style frequently seen stomping down the runway, but this look isn’t exclusively for models. Hairstylist Guido Palau stated to Allure “What you see in a show is a reflection of how young people are looking.” This is a wakeup call to us; we can rock these more dramatic looks as the models are in fact copying us. Those cute baby bangs seen at the Prada and Dior shows are now more in reach than ever. The looks are Prada were unrefined and dramatic, hair is now left wild. This is great news for us, as the ‘just rolled out of bed look’ is achievable every morning. 

Bangs are frequently memed online, though some memes suggest cutting your own bangs is a signal of a breakdown, we think it’s more a sign of defiance. It’s a change, or a bold move. With restrictions on most parts of normal life, we turn to our hair for some excitement. This can even be through dyeing it too, why not open up the hair dye box you bought but were too afraid to use? 

If you’re planning on cutting your own bangs at home, this new wave of blunt cuts is perfect. In a time of Zoom calls and working from home, perfection isn’t needed. Who has a perfect quality webcam anyway?   


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