What Your Hair Dryer Is Really Doing To Your Hair?

The secret to healthier hair.


You can love or hate your hair, but the truth is maintaining happy and healthy hair that looks good too is a battle we all face. Sometimes our daily hair rituals can have damaging effects on the hair cuticles and lead to heat damage. 

Heat damage can be a result of using hair tools like straighteners and blow dryers. Too much heat can lead to the breaking down of the protective layer of the hair exposing our hair proteins, but this is no reason to abandon our routines all together. Here are some tips to include in your hair routine to avoid cuticle damage. 

Celebrity hairstylist Marco Pelusi recommends using products with amino acids or collagen to avoid hair proteins being exposed. Products like leave-in-conditioner or a heat protectant before exposing your hair to heat can prevent breakage too. Using the right tools can also affect the health of your hair. Opting for hair dyers or straighteners that regulate or minimise heat can be healthier for your hair. Using a medium or low heat setting could also work just as well. Or discover the beauty of air drying- it reduces frizz and allows your hair to maintain moisture for longer. 

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