Burberry Donates To Students Affected By The Pandemic

But what about the check?


This year Burberry has become an active voice within the fashion industry, recently partnering with Marcus Rashford to support youth centres and creating PPE in their factories.

Burberry’s latest endeavour is the creation of the ‘ReBurberry Fabric Program’. Teaming up with the British Fashion Council, the luxury brand will be donating unused fabrics to students in need.

Unfortunately leaving out the iconic Burberry check, the aim of the program is to help the students that have been affected by the pandemic. The pandemic has left many of them having less access to studio space and struggling to fund resources; Burberry is hoping that the program will have a knock-on effect across the fashion industry.

In a statement from the label, they said “Providing resources for the next generation of diverse voices across the country in a sustainable way will enable them to bring their creativity to life, and continue through their programmes with the tools they need. We look forward to seeing how donations can positively impact these academic institutions and students, and hope this is the beginning of a wider industry initiative to support these communities, now and in the future.”

The program follows in the foot steps of Alexander McQueen, who gifted old fabric to 14 different universities this year. It also comes after Burberry’s ‘Reburberry edit’ earlier this year. The collection was made from innovative materials and included a global roll out of devoted sustainability labelling for key categories.

Burberry continues to make moves this year as Chief Creative Officer, Riccardo Tisci was awarded last week with a British Fashion Award for his creativity at the luxury brand. In an Instagram post he said “Remember to always love each other and to stand up for all communities – together we can continue to create real positive change.’

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