Bretman Rock Is Done With The Beauty Community

“When did beauty become so ugly?”


Bretman Rock is coming for the online beauty community.

The content creator-turned-author recently went viral after explaining why he no longer identifies as a beauty guru. In an interview with THEM, Bretman reflected on his rise to viral stardom and reacted to old content.

In one part of the interview, Bretman reflected on an old live-stream clip where he announced that he no longer wishes “to be tied with the beauty community” and is “not a beauty guru.”  

“The girls were not happy with this video,” Bretman begins. “Ultimately, I said what I said, and I meant what I said.”

Bretman Rock then went on to explain how “white people ruined the beauty community,” where beauty creators started prioritizing turning a profit and creating drama over producing quality content for their viewers. Bretman Rock (@bretmanrock ♬ original sound - Them

“It just became a money industry, and like, it just became an ick to me… when did beauty become so ugly? ” he said. “It is no longer a beauty community… y’all do not even know to apologise? It is as simple as addressing what you did, saying sorry and never doing it again.”

With numerous beauty creators canceled for racist comments and their lackluster apologies, beauty enthusiasts have since applauded Bretman for his honest take on the industry. 

“I agree with Bretman about the beauty community. Between the whole Jeffree/Shane/Tati/James drama and the disastrous Laura lee apology, it became an absolute train wreck. Most of these troublesome gurus have one thing in common: they shift blame and never take responsibility,” one viewer commented. 

“His stance on the digital beauty community is absolutely true. I was following Michelle Phan for so long, and even herself admitted that she had to step back and take a long break because she was losing herself in the money machine,” another wrote. 

With all the drama that has come with the beauty community in the past, no one can blame Bretman Rock for not wanting to be associated with this corner of the internet. 

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