Is Bianca Censori The New Queen Of Risquè?

The IT girl for raunchy fashion.


Bianca Censori is, without a doubt, going to be the next style icon. Yes, that may be a big statement, but I have enough reasons to believe this accusation is valid. When you think about it, Kim Kardashian became the most stylish when Kanye styled her; could history be repeating itself?

However, with Bianca's style, it's a whole different ball game. Her futuristic take on fashion will captivate fashion lovers in the coming decades.



The gorgeous Australian who is known best for being in the public eye as Kanye West's 'wife' has recently stepped out in some, let's say, daring outfits, like beauty; style is truly in the eye of the beholder, and I do believe that Sensori has cracked the code in terms of what's yet to come with fashion. Now, a warning for any of our older and more prudish readers: This style icon may not be the IT girl for you.



If there's one thing Bianca does best, it is modeling a sheer ensemble effortlessly; she is flawless. Recently, the star has been spotted hitting the studio with nothing but a transparent poncho and some black booties. While it's not an outfit that you can wear on day-to-day outings, it's certainly an eye-catching choice, especially if you want to make an impact. I can guarantee the passersby and paparazzi who witnessed this look certainly won't forget about it anytime soon. That's the magic of fashion.



This is not the first time the architect has opted for more provocative outfits to head the streets with. Over the past few months, she has created many renowned racy looks. From the moment she stepped out with a pillow to protect her modesty to showcasing her figure in a tiny bikini paired with a satin skirt. I love her style for its reaction; through beige and bland colors, she creates masterpieces celebrating her figure and curves.



This woman is not going anywhere. Mark my words, and in ten years' time, when she's the fashion industry's most iconic look-giver, remember this article and that I predicted it in advance.