A Beginners Guide: How To Harness The Power Of The Moon

Use the moon's energies to find your true purpose.


The theory that the moon can influence our behavior and attitude dates back thousands of years. Recently, people have returned in an attempt to harness the power of the moon to make positive changes in their life.

Kirsty Gallagher, author of Lunar Living says “have you ever woken up feeling overly emotional or simply ‘stuck’? Have you ever found yourself obsessing over certain areas of your life for no apparent reason? Are there days when your gut instinct and intuition are as clear as a bell? Or days when everything falls into place, like magic? Or perhaps, there are days when you crave quiet solitude, or nights when your mind races and you just can’t switch off?” And explains that this could all be down the moon. 

Although technology has bought wonderful opportunities and advancement, unfortunately it often makes us feel disconnected from nature and our true selves. But Mother Nature is powerful, and tapping into her power can have immense positive results. 

Living according to the moon’s cycles is about harnessing the energies of each moon to start living your life purposefully. Working with the power of the moon allows you to “tune in to your emotions, to reconnect to yourself, others and nature, to trust in a guiding force - and to trust in yourself” says Kirsty. 

The moon cycles can affect our emotions, intuition and mood. Opening yourself up to the moon’s energy allows your feelings to come to light, so you can tap into taking control and working towards your goals. There are four main phases of the moon if you’re looking to begin your journey into lunar living.

The new moon

Representing new beginnings and self discovery, most people turn inwards during this time and start manifesting their goals and the life they want to wish by embracing the new energy. Use this time to clarify, set and manifest your goals. As it grows brighter each night, bring your dreams and goals to life. By aligning your own energy with the moons, you will grow brighter too.

The waxing moon

The waxing moon occurs when the moon is growing from a new moon to a full moon. This shift in energy can make you feel your most motivated and productive. Now is a good time to take action and start bringing your goals to life. 

The full moon 

Representing completion and abundance. During this phase you’ll likely feel more emotional than usual. It encourages us to look inwards and feel our emotions. Mood swings and experiencing intense emotions are natural in this period. Use your vulnerable state to connect with your soul by practicing gratitude, celebrating your achievements and acknowledging what didn’t go quite right, and why. It’s important to make sure you allow time for self-care and check in with your well-being and mental health at this time.

The waning moon

As the moon grows smaller, let go of the energy from any doubts or people that are holding you back and stopping you from serving your purpose. Use this period to withdraw, rest and renew your energy by healing, cleansing and de-cluttering. Perhaps, start thinking about intentions for the following cycle. 

By keeping a journal and making note of how you feel which each moon phase, it will help you dig deeper and understand the magic and how you can harness it for good. As you go on, try incorporating tools to help, like crystals

“There is a time to be and a time to do” says Kirsty. We all have energy inside of us and when we sync it with the moon, it can guide us and set us on our way to living the life we want. It also has the power to improve our well-being: knowing when to have time for ourselves, when to adventure and when to work hard.

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